Electrolux Pure i9 Evaluation. The Electrolux perfect i9 robot clean utilizes a 3D video cam for professional course-plotting around the household, but is normally charged higher for just what it includes.

Electrolux Pure i9 Evaluation. The Electrolux perfect i9 robot clean utilizes a 3D video cam for professional course-plotting around the household, but is normally charged higher for just what it includes.

The Final Outcome

Featuring its futuristic style and camera-based course-plotting, the Electrolux natural i9 certainly do an excellent tasks playing the aspect of a top-quality robot machine . It could control across different flooring type and understand around problems with aplomb. In addition joins with an app on mobile that can be used to regulate adjustments and routine cleanings. Except for $899.99, most of us be expecting a little more. All of our authors‘ alternatives, the Neato Botvac D7 Connected, supplies voice control via Amazon.co.uk Alexa and Bing helper, inclusion with third party wise household units, and lengthier life of the battery, all for one hundred dollars decreased.


The Electrolux sheer i9 ($840.94 at Amazon) will be the 1st robot vacuum we now have spotted with a triangular contour. It steps 12.6 in per side, and appears 3.5 in tall in height. Which makes it fairly smaller, so it should certainly suit under almost the best of settees.

Equivalent Treatments

The person is a darkish metal coloration, with a LCD panel on the roof that explains the full time, electric battery level, and maintaining mode. Straight beneath try a bronze switch that releases the top-loading dustbin, that is the small part. Entry bumper houses the 3D cam. Addititionally there is an gaydar integral presenter for condition upgrades.

Flip the genuine i9 over and you’ll locate the major hair brush, a twist wash, recharging connections, and a couple wheel. As long as components move, the perfect i9 is quite gentle, specially along with the rate —all find is actually a charging dock and another twist comb.

Software and design

T the guy vacuum uses the Electrolux perfect i9 app for droid or iOS. Once downloaded, it walks you through the process of connecting to the vacuum, which involves entering its serial number (or scanning a barcode), giving it a name, and connecting it to your Wi-Fi network (unlike the dual-band Botvac D7, it only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi).

The application itself is simple and easy to make use of. The primary monitor, you will notice the standing of robot, its battery, along with subsequent planned maintenance (if you’ve created it). In heart, absolutely a blue plus signal. Engage that to access a menu of the numerous commands, settings, schedules, and controls. From inside the top put area, a three-bar star provides you usage of added adjustments, faqs, and web-based support.

The notepad star into the top suitable area introduces sweeping routes of your house, besides stats about the full community washed, how many years the vacuum operated, and also at just what time and date. The charts are fairly rudimentary weighed against what you’ll receive from Neato or iRobot, but they’re normally valid around the model of your household if you don’t get into extreme fine detail.

You may also make use of software to start out and stop cleaning, in order to find clean, nevertheless, you are not able to make use of it to maneuver the sheer i9 manually.


The Electrolux Pure i9 utilizes a 3D video camera, which results in remarkable, methodical routing in comparison with vacuums with infrared sensors. Like the camera-equipped Dyson 360 perspective, they splits a place into distinct areas and wipes in a spiral, back-and-forth type before animated on the next community. In tests, I found myself satisfied that never when bumped into a bit of home furnishings or any stray stuff in its path.

It has been furthermore capable of handling various floor sorts, including carpeting, tile, and timber, without difficulty. (should you have wall-to-wall carpeting, Electrolux advocate leaving the turn brush-off for greater outcomes.) Scooting across increased surfaces between places has also been a non-issue. As far as maintenance run happens, the absolute i9 accomplished a commendable job of stroking upwards tresses, dirt, allergens, and various other pieces of dust from the floor, as you’d anticipate of a $900 vacuum cleaner.

Battery actually a strong meet. The genuine i9 clocked 60 minutes in Eco means, and 43 minutes in typical method. For review, the Botvac D7 related made it through 130 minutes in assessment, while the Roomba 960 is suitable for about 75 mins.

And while you don’t always anticipate any vacuum cleaner are silent, the clean i9 is on even louder part —you’ll be in a position to find out it whilst it’s off cleansing some other rooms.


The Electrolux sheer i9 offers outstanding navigation and powerful cleansing skills, however it happens at a sharp advanced. For around $200 less, the Roomba 960 also utilizes a digicam for course-plotting, and provides lengthier battery-life and Amazon.co.uk Alexa compatibility (Electrolux claims Alexa service is actually planned for future years). The Editors‘ options, meanwhile, the Neato Botvac D7 Connected, can be obtained for one hundred dollars a lesser amount of and offers more than double the life of the battery and substantial third-party wise room incorporation, rendering it the wisest choice for hands-free maintenance.

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